Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Introducing Prawn

I just couldn't resist:

New RubyForge Project Submitted

Project Full Name: Prawn
Submitted Description: Prawn is currently vaporware, but will perhaps eventually be a clean replacement for PDF::Writer, focusing on being tiny and nimble, just like the majestic sea creature.
License: Ruby License

The RubyForge admin team will now examine your project submission. You will be notified of their decision.

Hopefully Tom has a laugh when he sees this description. :)

If the RubyMendicant donors vote this up, Ruby will be blessed with yet another poorly named project!

I've been trying to think of an acronym to fit this...

PDF Reading And Writing Neatness

PDF Rubyish And Written Nimbly

But you know... I kind of just like the name Prawn. Some folks think shrimp are wimpy, I think they're little fucking troopers.

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