Thursday, May 15, 2008

El camino del Rey

Anyone want to go with me?

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umeshnarayanan said...

yea i experienced the exact same thing .. and i searched in google .. found ur article.. i had the experience of recursive dream (dream with in dream even 7 dreams with in one), that happens like this after dream i wake up , after some time i realize that was also dream again will wake up and continues many time. some time i will tell my dream to some one abut that will also with in my dream

many time i had the experience that i am about to wake up from the bed but i can wake up and not evan speak any word and i will hardly find to wake then i will realize its with in my dream it will happen again and agin (happened more than 10 times with in one dream) and finally i will wake up.
and some repeating dream.
elephants coming towards me, and fishes swimming in less water, and my teeth falling happend many time

if any one have answer or reason or interpretation pls replay me